"All Things New"

Pastor Russ is teaching a series entitled: "All Things New."


Every year many people make New Years Resolutions, and commit to make changes in their lives to begin new habits or end old habits.


We're going to look first, at what are known as the inward disciplines Bible study and Prayer.


Then we're going to learn how to develop and enjoy a powerful prayer life how to pray and connect with God.


After looking at the inward disciplines we're going to look at the outward disciplines service and witnessing.


 Then finally we'll look at what are known as the corporate disciplines those disciplines that take place as we gather together as a community of believers.


Part 6 - A New Beginning in Worship

Part 1 - A New Beginning with God

Part 2 - A New Beginning with Your Bible

Part 3 - A New Beginning in Prayer

Part 4 - A New Beginning in Service & Witnessing

Part 5 - A New Beginning Giving

Part 6 - A New Beginning Worship