"Genesis: The Book of Beginnings" - Series

Pastor Russ is teaching from Genesis, in this series entitled: The Book of Beginnings. 


Gensesis is a book of beginnings, we see the beginning of:

- Time and History, the Universe,  our Planet.

- Mankind,  the Family,  Worship,  Sin,  Death, and Redemption.


We learn that God is the answer to the life important questions:

- Where Did We Come From?

- Why Are We Here?

- Where Are We Going?


Part 51 - All Things Work Together for Good

Parts 1-15

Parts 16-30

Parts 31-45

Part 46 - Living a Life of Faith Over Fear

Part 47 - The Pieces of Life Reveal God's Divine Plan

Part 48 - Heed and Rest in the Promises of God

Part 49 - We Are Called to be People of Faith

Part 50 - The Word of God Stands Through Time

Part 51 - All Things Work Together for Good