Pastor Russ


Pastor Russ is teaching a series called: "The Next Step"


What is your next step?

What is the next step in your relationship with the Lord?


The Christian life is about transformation and change.  It is about being transformed from glory to glory.



Pastor Russ


Pastor Russ is teaching from Paul's letters to the Thessalonians


These letters help us find encouragement during difficult times, reinvigerate our hope for the Second Coming of Christ, and renew the vision for the church to grow as and make disciples of Jesus.





- Pastor Russ

Pastor Russ began serving New Beginnings Church in 2012.  He became the Senior Pastor in October 2015.  Pastor Russ has a true heart for the lost and people in need in this city and this area. He wants to see true change and unity among Christians in this area and will not stop until that dream is fulfilled.  Pastor Russ also leads: Cafe 420 Ministries, Inc. - a coffee shop ministry in downtown Eau Claire, and Choose Aftercare, Inc. - transition houses for men coming out of prison, homelessness, or struggling with addictions.